Charley Goldberg joined us on the Contractor Success Academy to showcase Ingage and tell us the story behind the innovative presentation software!

Ingage is the industry leader in interactive content creation through its unique combination of software and storytelling, making it an essential tool for every contractor’s sales toolbox!

Ingage is a leader in developing the industry’s best tools for sales enablement, interactive sales presentations, and customer engagement.

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Today’s Mentor

Charley Goldberg has been with Ingage for over 8 years working with customers in the finance, medical, real estate, and retail industries and now is focused on helping hundreds of companies in the home services industry develop top-performing sales teams and delivering professional sales presentations.

Born and raised in New York City, a “die-hard” New York Yankees fan, and now an avid bike rider/commuter around Brooklyn where he lives.

You’ll Learn

  • What is Ingage, and what is the story behind it
  • How to navigate the shift to digital
  • How to best convey your company message through engaging content
  • Unpacking the importance of your sales presentation analytics
  • An exclusive Ingage demo
  • And much more!


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