Nick Peret (Summa Media)

Marc Levesque

34 minutes

Are you squeezing the most out of the money and time spent growing your contracting business?

In this Tools of the Trade episode, we’ll help you answer that and much more!

We invited Nick Peret from Summa Media to teach us about the undeniable advantages of optimizing your business with targeted marketing solutions.

Summa Media helped one client generate nearly $2 million dollars in estimates in just 3 months, so you won’t want to miss this!

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why automation is a contractors best friend

  • How to provide top notch customer experience, every time

  • An expert step-by-step evaluation guide to tech optimization

  • The marketing solutions to you need to increase conversions and close more deals

More About Nick Peret

It comes as no surprise that Summa Media CEO and Founder, Nick Peret, hails from a family of contractors. Starting out as a salesmen in the tool industry, Nick kept hearing the same story from roofers at the front lines.

Their business was doing good, but it could always be doing better.

Nick’s solution to rewriting this narrative? Summa Media.

Summa Media’s mission is to create the modern day contractor. They utilize technology to streamline your sales and marketing processes, while increasing conversion rates and boosting ROI.

Their core focus is to help commercial roofing contractors develop a premium brand online to attract their ideal client. Then, they develop a multichannel marketing strategy – from design and branding to SEO and everything in between – to generate top-notch leads.

Summa Media’s technical wizardry enables automated processes within the sales cycle to create amazing customer experience and win more jobs.

Nick’s team is dedicated to learning the roofing industry inside and out – perfecting their processes to exceed any roofing company’s expectations.

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Want to learn more about Summa Media and how you can elevate your business through digital doorknocking? Check out their website!

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