Our very own Ben Levesque is back for the second episode of Marketing Minutes! Ben walks us through “The Power 5 Formula” to generate more contractor leads with Facebook ads to kick things off.

Watch the lesson below to find out how you can start generating more leads for your contracting business by utilizing these 5 easy tweaks when posting Facebook ads!

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What You’ll Learn

It’s just 5 easy steps that can help you take full advantage of Facebook’s machine learning in order to generate more leads with less spending!

1. Auto Advanced Matching

  • This is the easiest one on the list; all you have to do is head over to your business manager, go into your business setting and toggle auto advanced setting to on. This is going to let Facebook better attribute the conversions that come through your Facebook ads. By turning this on, Facebook will be able to match those conversions on your website to the data in your Facebook Ads Manager. That gives Facebook more data to play with, which will optimize your campaigns.

2. Account Simplification

  • This one is all about simplifying your account structure: fewer campaigns, fewer assets, and fewer ads. Instead, let Facebook’s machine learning kick in and spend your budget efficiently.

3. Campaign Budget Optimization

  • If you are familiar with the Facebook business manager, you know that budgets have been set at the ad set level for the longest time. This lead to a lot of redundancy, wasted budget, and overall inefficient spending. With campaign budget optimization, you’re basically letting Facebook take the wheel and spend your budget most effectively across all of your ad sets in real-time. In the long run, this will lead to:
    • Better ROI
    • More conversions
    • Lower lead costs

4. Leveraging Automatic Placements

  • The old way was to separate out placements via your ad sets. For example, you would target mobile devices in one ad set and Instagram in another. This made for a lot of ad sets, which spread the budget too thin. With automatic placements, which you can enable at the ad set level, Facebook allows you to take control and spend your budget across all placements to get you the best results at the lowest cost.

5. Dynamic Ads

  • Again, in the past, it was all about static ads. One image, one copy, and one headline that you would run continuously. The new way is to leverage dynamic ads. You can do this by uploading several variations of imagery, copy, and headlines. Facebook will mix and match all of those variables and serve different ads to different people based on what they are most likely to engage with. For example, if someone is more likely to engage with video, they will be served video. This saves you a lot of time and generates way better results than static ads.

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