Danny Kerr
(Breakthrough Academy)

Marc Levesque

43 minutes

Most business owners have no problem investing marketing dollars into campaigns that help convert leads or close deals. When in reality, it’s the people behind your company that truly sell your service. So why aren’t we making the same investment when it comes to recruitment?

We invited Danny Kerr from Breakthrough Academy, one of our rockstar partners who help contractors increase their profitability through systems and processes, to us help get to the bottom of this dilemma.

In this latest lesson, Danny shares his step-by-step process for recruiting specially designed to help scale your contracting business by bringing the right people on board.

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What You’ll Learn

  • The true cost of neglecting recruitment

  • How to create an ideal candidate profile

  • How to write an effective job description

  • Why you should have conversion calls instead of interviews

  • How to attract the right people for your team

More about Danny Kerr and BTA

Danny Kerr is the creator and Director of Assessment at Breakthrough Academy (BTA), an organization dedicated to entrepreneurs in the trades who are eager to scale and increase profitability. Since 2015, BTA has empowered business owners by giving them the necessary tools they can integrate into existing business processes, or collaborating with them to rebuild their processes from scratch.

Quite simply put, “A business in a box”.

Since starting with College Pro Painters at the age of 18, Danny eventually worked his way up into a leadership position where he oversaw the recruitment strategy for 150 franchises. He has extensive experience when it comes to spearheading business systems, creating scaleable onboarding, and developing processes to take companies from grassroots level to the big leagues.

BTA currently has a community of over 350 companies, where they offer innovative systems and leading industry coaching for entrepreneurs in the trades looking to take their business to the next level. Danny identifies recruitment as one of, if not the, most important things business owners can prioritize in order to achieve their full potential.


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