Meet Muneer

Introducing Muneer!

On this episode of Meet the Crew, we learn more about Muneer Dakri, one our Customer Success Managers.

Muneer has got to be one of the easiest going guys you’ve ever met. Working with him is an absolute pleasure!

He is humble, patient, kind, and exceptionally compassionate.

After living in South Africa for the past 15 years he made the decision to move back to Canada and start over.

Isn’t that amazing?!

You’re gonna want to watch his video to hear his full story!

More about Muneer

As a Customer Success Manager, Muneer gets to create and nurture relationships with our clients to be sure that we are hitting their objectives and creating campaigns that align with their goals.

He is also the main point of contact between our internal Facebook and PPC marketing teams and clients. Relaying information to each party and making sure everyone is staying on track.

It is certainly not an easy job, but Muneer makes it looks like a piece of cake!

He takes each day with tact and ease and is always around to make us laugh.

Outside of Webrunner, he’s done some pretty cool things in his life so far.

After owning his own business in South Africa, he decided to start over and come back to Canada to have a better quality of life. He told me that quality is way more important than quantity. I could not agree more.

After such a huge change, within the year he has bought a new house, started working with us at Webrunner, and built a strong community here.

If you thought he couldn’t get more interesting, when he was 18 years old he lived and worked on a sailboat and sailed around the world for a year.

I’m not jealous, you’re jealous!

Want to know more?

Muneer, we are so lucky to have you on our team!

Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn!

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