Meet Miguel

Introducing Miguel!

Miguel is a PPC (Pay Per Click) Manager here at Webrunner and he’s got quite the story as to how he became a part of the team.

We absolutely love having Miguel on the team. He is always making us laugh, and learning about the industry to be the best marketer out there!

How did Miguel get started at Webrunner? This is a cool story…

Watch his video to find out!

More about Miguel

As a PPC Manager, Miguel runs ads on Bing and Google for our clients! He takes a look at their budgets and creates campaigns according to their business and financial goals.

Before starting at Webrunner, he was working as a mechanical technician in the oilfields in Venezuela.

After deciding to change careers, and moving to Canada, he devoted his time to study digital marketing and eventually found his way to us here at Webrunner!

He started with us as a Junior PPC Campaign Manager and eventually worked his way up to being our go-to PPC connoisseur.

He’s like a sommelier, but instead of wine, it’s PPC marketing.

Pretty inspiring, hey?

When he is not optimizing campaigns for our clients or making us all laugh at the office, he spends most of his free time with his family. He has a lovely wife & two beautiful kids that keep him very busy!

Want to know more?

Miguel, we are so lucky to have you on our team!

Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn!

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