Meet Marc

Introducing Marc!

On this week’s Meet the Crew episode, we learn more about Marc, our Co-Founder and Managing Director.

An avid wearer of tracksuits, and a passionate advocate of casual Fridays, there is never a dull moment (or lack of sweets) when Marc is in the office!

He even tells us how he came up with our company name. You’ll want to hear this one!

More about Marc

As Managing Director, Marc’s main focus at Webrunner is to drive growth for the business. He does this through sales calls, partnership development, and working internally with our business development team.

Did you know he also hosts our Contractor Success Academy?

If you’ve had the pleasure of being on a call with Marc, you’ve likely been witness to a fair few of his dad jokes (don’t worry, he pulls those on us too).

Outside of the office, you can find Marc spending time with his family. He’s got two beautiful young girls and a wife that keep him plenty busy!

His passion for the home improvement industry and leadership shines through his tactful and compassionate work, and we could not be more proud to have him as one of our leaders!

His patience, empathy, and eagerness to learn more inspires us all to be better and work harder.

“One piece of advice I would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to not be afraid to seek out help. If you are looking to achieve something, chances are someone else has already done it and they can give you the right advice you will need to succeed”

Want to know more?

Thank you for being such an inspirational leader, Marc!

Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn!

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