Introducing Andrea!

Andrea is our fierce, fiery Latina! We adore having her big heart and free spirit on our team.

After trying her hand at Medical school, Andrea wanted to get into the business world and found her place at Webrunner in the middle of the pandemic.

Fun fact: Andrea didn’t meet the team in person until 3 months after she started!

In this video, Andrea tells us what she is most passionate about, and a super cool hobby she has… you’ll NEVER guess what it is!!

Watch below to find out!

Meet Andrea


More about Andrea

Andrea is an Account Executive Manager here and spends the majority of her day connecting with potential clients.

Andrea might have one of the most important jobs here at Webrunner, as she is the first point of contact with all new and potential clients. She helps to answer their questions and support them through their decision making.

I’m a bit jealous of all of our new clients who get to chat with her about the company! She is such a joy!

Andrea’s favorite thing about working at Webrunner is…the team! (are you surprised? I’m sensing that our employees really love it here.)

As she said in the video, our workplace culture is incredibly diverse as we have people from all walks of life on our team. Coming into the office feels like coming home, and getting to collaborate with each other every day is the cherry on top!

If you’ve gotten the chance to talk with Andrea, you can instantly feel her kindness. She wears her heart on her sleeve and walks through life with compassion, empathy, and authenticity. She is a passionate mental health advocate, and is someone you can always count on to boost office morale.

Outside of work, she’s got a pretty cool hobby. Any guesses?

This gal is in school to become a professional mermaid (hello, Ariel!)

She really can do it all! Which is why we love her so much.

Want to know more?

Oh Andrea, how we love that big beautiful smile of yours. We are so grateful to have you apart of the team!

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