In this academy lesson, Danielle Russell from Builder Funnel teaches you how to use well-crafted buyer personas to get your message in front of potential leads using Facebook!

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Today’s Mentor

At the age of 5, Danielle wrote her first “book.” While that was the beginning of her content creating journey, the marketing flare didn’t blossom until college at Michigan State University (Go Green!). While studying biochemistry and molecular biology, Danielle stumbled upon the discovery at her day job that depending on how she marketed her tip jar, she was much more prone to going home with extra cash or empty-handed.

Learning how to harness the power of marketing started out as a hobby but quickly exploded into a passion for the business world. Her first career move after graduating with a B.A. in Marketing and International Business, Danielle joined a product innovation and new product development marketing team. Her Inbound career didn’t start until she was assigned to help develop a new e-commerce website and had to figure out how to promote it. She immediately learned that she geeked out for websites and the whole Inbound Marketing universe.

You’ll Learn

  • How to attract the right people for home builders and remodelers
  • The importance of identifying your ideal buyer persona to create meaningful content and social posts
  • The step by step guide (with examples!) on how to create personalized content that will attract high converting audiences
  • How to find more Facebook leads by creating the right buyer personas for your industry 
  • The exact links to share on your websites with conversion points to increase your leads
  • What metrics you should measure based on your goals
  • The proven methods to start relationships with prospects still in the research phase, that will lead to future conversions 
  • And much more!


To get a free copy of the Guide to Help You Establish Your Ideal Customer, visit The Buyer Persona

To get in contact with Danielle, send her a message at or call her at 719-660-4993

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