In this academy lesson, Derek Johnson from the contractor sales academy shares a simple script you can follow to find out what a prospect’s budget is right away and save yourself from dealing with tire-kickers!

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Today’s Mentor

Derek has been in the trades for 23 years. He started out digging holes and cutting grass. Now, he owns a multimillion dollar garden center, landscape and pond company called JVI Secret Gardens. He is also a key partner and coach for the Contractor Sales Academy.

You’ll Learn

  • The successful strategies to get as much intel as possible from your potential clients so you can tailor your approach.
  • The most common budget objections home owners have and how to handle them
  • How to protect your time by determining early on if your lead can afford you.
  • The best way to talk about money with clients, in order to set expectations and create opportunities
  • How to get people to sell for you even if they don’t buy from you
  • An easy step by step guide to film a promotional video to showcase your company’s process to prospective buyers
  • And much more!


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