In this academy lesson, Kyle Hunt from Remodel Your Marketing teaches contractors what to do before, during, and after the initial call with a new lead to make a great first impression and maximize your chances of closing the deal.

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Today’s Mentor

Kyle Hunt is a business coach for remodelers and the owner of Remodel Your Marketing. He offers 1on1 coaching on the topics of marketing, your sales process, and helping you understand and improve your business financials.

He leads professional mastermind groups of non-compete remodelers through his Remodelers Circle program, and offers courses/training all focused on making you a better remodeler and to help you achieve your business goals and the work/life balance you desire. Kyle resides in Michigan with his wife, Sarah, and their four children.

You’ll Learn

  • What to do before, during and after a first call to make a great first impression
  • The importance of having a project discovery sheet to structure your initial call
  • The exact questions you should cover during a discovery call to get as much feedback as possible from your lead.
  • Why a service mindset is important to determine if you are the right fit for the lead – and what to do if you’re not.
  • Examples of successful scripts of a sample email you should be sending right after your initial call to help you book more appointments
  • How to determine what worked and what didn’t during your first contact, and how to fix it. 
  • And more!


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