A masterful sales presentation is so much more than just winging-it.

The process of closing has become an intricate balance of strategy, tact, and confidence.

Dominic Caminata from Grosso University joined us on the Academy to teach us exactly how you can have the best close in the world, through a masterful presentation.

Watch his lesson below to learn about his step-by-step closing process!

Listen to The Lesson

Today’s Mentor

Dominic is currently Co-founder/Owner of Grosso University. He has over 10 years of experience in the home improvement industry and has managed a sales force of over 55 salespeople. Since he began with Home Improvement Selling in 2010, he has helped grow companies from $5 Million a year, to pacing almost $100 Million in 2020! He is proud to have built the single highest performing sales forces in the United States!

His biggest achievement in his professional career is the complete and utter mastery of the Grosso Sales Methodology that allows him to train any person with the right attitude to become a $2 Million+ producer. By following and fine tuning the Grosso System and training his sales team to mastery of the process, he has helped develop a 55 salesperson team with a 50% demo to close ratio company wide!

In 2019, his sales team had twelve $2 Million producers and two $3 Million producers with a slugging average of over $4,000. He has created numerous sales training books, private label programs, presentations and training videos utilized by companies all over the nation!

You’ll Learn

  • The step-by-step process to a masterful close
  • How to overcome weaknesses in your close
  • The value of storytelling
  • How to hold a listeners attention
  • A quick look into Grosso University
  • And much more!


A big thanks to Dominic for stopping by the Academy and giving this awesome lesson!

If you would like more information about Grosso University or receive a 7 day free trial of the platform, you can get in contact via phone at (858) 699-0328, or email via mburke@grossouniversity.com

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