Jason Finucan from StigmaZero joined us on the Contractor Success Academy to talk about breaking the barriers of mental illness in the trades.

In this inspirational lesson, Jason shares his personal story of having had both a physical illness and mental illness and how that impacted his life over the last decade.

This lesson is for everyone. We all can help to eradicate mental illness stigma, especially in the trades.

How can you start? It all starts with having a conversation.

Watch this very special lesson to find out more.

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Today’s Mentor

Mental health advocate, stigma fighter, professional speaker and founder of StigmaZero, Jason Finucan is also the instructor of the Create Your StigmaZero Workplace online training program.

As someone who has experienced both a major physical illness (heart defect leading to open heart surgery in 1988) and a major mental illness (bipolar disorder leading to hospitalization in 2005), Jason shares his personal experiences with impactful storytelling techniques. These moving stories can be found as part of our academy programs, through his inspirational keynotes, and in his book Jason: 1, Stigma: 0 – My battle with mental illness at home and in the workplace.

Jason aims to make this difficult topic accessible and consumable, so he blends his stories with rigorous research in order to mobilize knowledge and perspective. His goal is for everyone to understand this important topic so they are empowered to make a real change and ultimately join in the effort to realize his vision for a future without stigma.

This is a mental health movement – and Jason wants you to be a part of it.

You’ll Learn

  • What mental illness stigmas is
  • How mental illness can affect those in the trades
  • The similarities between mental illnesses and physical illnesses
  • Ways to reduce stigma in the workplace
  • How StigmaZero Workplace Training Program can increase your ROI
  • And much more!


We hope that this lesson with Jason can ignite important conversations in your workplace. Whether you are an employer or an employee in the trades, you have the power break the barriers surrounding mental illness stigma.

We highly recommend you check out StigmaZero Workplace Training Program.

His book, Jason:1, Stigma: 0 is available now!

Finally, if you want to get in touch with Jason, you can email him at jason@stigmazero.com

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