Danny Kerr, Co-Founder of Breakthrough Academy joined us on the Contractor Success Academy to share with us how to create a resilient business that can stand the test of time despite an ever-changing marketplace.

Danny goes into depth about the 6 pillars that can transform the adaptability and strength of your contracting business. He gives us an overview of how planning and financial budgeting, organizational structure, intentional recruiting, training systems, sales and marketing, and goal setting can set your business up for many years of success!

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Today’s Mentor

Danny Kerr comes from modest roots and struggled as a dyslexic student through school. This fuelled his desire to push boundaries and prove what was possible, creating his own success in life. In his late teens, Danny started his own trades business and used the profits to buy his first home.

By age 20, he had taken a leadership position with a franchise company and grew sales by 225% in one year. He then spent the next 6 years scaling businesses before co-founding Breakthrough Academy as a way to open horizons for other trades entrepreneurs. This inspired him to take what he had learned and help entrepreneurs all over North America move past adversity and reach their full potential.

You’ll Learn

  • The 6 Pillars to creating a resilient contracting business
  • How to set up a system that can be repeatable
  • Why you need to be reverse engineering your recruiting process
  • How to understand and predict your sales funnels
  • The importance of goal setting and strategic planning
  • And much more!


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