We welcome Brian Kaskavalciyan back to the Contractor Success Academy! In today’s lesson, he will be sharing the 5 steps to his Referral Success Blueprint which has helped hundreds of home improvement pros maximize their profits. With all the time, money, and effort involved in making a single sale, every business is always looking for ways to optimize the sales process to grow the bottom line. Regardless of how long you’ve been in sales, closing a sale through cold calls is tough. Brian is here to demonstrate how to easily get 5-star reviews, shorten your sales cycle, and ultimately get referrals for your home improvement business.

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Today’s Mentor

Brian Kaskavalciyan is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist specializing in the home improvement industry. He has worked with companies ranging from start-ups to 100 million dollar enterprises. As an entrepreneur, he’s owned 5 different home improvement companies, one of which he developed into a multi-million dollar national franchise.

Brian is the co-founder and lead marketing strategist of gFour Marketing Group Inc., a strategic marketing firm that specializes in providing “Done-For-You” sales and marketing programs to home improvement companies. gFour Marketing Group works as the “back office” for hundreds of companies to drive their Relationship Marketing.

Brian is also the creator and host of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast and the author of a number of books, including his latest, The 7 Secrets to Becoming a Wealthy Contractor.

You’ll Learn

  • How to leverage back-end opportunities for additional leads, sales and profits.
  • The importance of designing your business around your customer to reinforce and nurture your relationship.
  • The step-by-step method to maximize referrals and make your customers feel confident about working with you.
  • The main reasons why customers don’t refer you more and how to overcome them.
  • How to say “thank you” the right way to make your customers feel appreciated and get them to share their experience
  • How to earn and use 5-stars reviews to your advantage in your marketing and sales efforts
  • The proven system of ongoing communication that will allow you to become a “trusted advisor” for your customers and refer your business.
  • And much more!


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