Pawan Jaggi stops by the Contractor Success Academy to showcase how automation is fundamental to help you deliver a better customer experience.

Potential consumers are always looking for online recommendations . Therefore, having more reviews than your competition creates an immediate signal of credibility and trust to those searching for your services online. Pawan developed pulseM, as a tool that focuses on transforming your customers into immediate brand ambassadors through outstanding customer experience. 

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Today’s Mentor

Pawan Jaggi is the Founder and CEO of pulseM, a reputation management software company based in Dallas. He has 30 years of industry experience and started pulseM with a vision to transform customer experience toward the age of mobility. He has grown pulseM from a handful of customers in 2017 to a nationwide presence in the US and Canada.

PulseM today is being used by thousands of small and large services companies. Pawan has spoken at major Services Conferences around the country and believes in educating instead of selling.

You’ll Learn

  • How to implement a reputation management program
  • The proven method to gain trust and get reviews
  • How to measure review velocity to become a market leader in your segment
  • The importance of ensuring that your integration is in real time and can be customized. Timing Matters.
  • How to automate your review process in order to grow your business
  • The success story of PulseM customer Josh Campbell and how automation exponentially improved his company’s performance
  • The step-by-step process on how to deal with negative reviews
  • And much more!


To learn more on How to Establish Customer Trust, Get More Reviews and Leverage Word of Mouth, visit pulseM

To get in touch with Pawan Jaggi, send him a message at

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