In today’s Tools Of The Trade lesson, Steven Stencil drops by to show us the importance of going digital in the home improvement sales process. Over the last 10 years, Steve has dedicated all of his time perfecting an application that can be fully tailored to the needs of your business – including pricing guides, CRM integration, payment processing, financing, and contracts! Leap™ is currently leveraged by multiple contractors just like yourself, across the United States and Canada. Steve is here to give us a step-by-step guide on how to implement this tool to help you grow your business.

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Today’s Mentor

Steven Stencil started as a successful sales rep in the home service industry. From his first-hand experience in the field, he realized the inefficiencies of having to compile all the brochures, binders of documents, and notes to close a deal.

Steve has always been a tech lover, he enjoys using technology to make his life easier. That’s why he knew there should be a digital way to optimize this process. When he couldn’t find it, he picked up coding and began developing a sales app himself. After several years of perfecting, this tool became Leap.

Currently, Leap is transforming the home service industry as the first complete point-of-sale application, digitizing every swtage of the in-homesales process including estimating, financing, contracting, and real-time communication.

You’ll Learn

  • How to eliminate errors and increase efficiency by simplifying and automating day-to-day processes
  • The importance of easily communication with your entire sales force to promote accountability
  • How to get better reviews from homeowners with an optimized sales process
  • The step-by-step tutorial on how to implement Leap to increase your revenue
  • And much more!

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To learn more about How to Increase Efficiency by Simplifying and Automating the Day-to-Day Sales Process, visit Leap.

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