Randy Stanbury joins us in this lesson of the Contractor Success Academy to share his formula for scaling your business even during difficult times. It is by finding the right people at the right moment, setting day-to-day practices and having a proactive mindset, that Randy has been able to help entrepreneurs face adversity and help them grow the contracting business of their dreams. 

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Today’s Mentor

Randy Stanbury is a Serial Entrepreneur, leadership and delegation master. Randy has also become a #1 International Best-Selling Author on Amazon. However, he is just as excited about my role as a father, friend, and trusted ally to many, as he is about any of my business accomplishments.

Randy’s goal and mission in life is to pass on to others the same proven methods, tools, and strategies that he had to learn the hard way.

You’ll Learn

  • How to leverage your content in order to engage your audience
  • 5 strategies that will help you thrive during a crisis
  • How to write a pre-meeting email that will help you close the job
  • The importance of having a proactive mindset to scale your business
  • How to get instant credibility with your audience even before your first meeting
  • The systems needed to find the right team to complete a job
  • How to be able to work on your business be
  • And much more!


To learn more on How to Work on Your Business, Rather Than In It, visit 4 Level Coach

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