Mike Claudio stops by the Contractor Success Academy to share a lesson on what he’s learned from the enterprise sales world in corporate America and how he’s applied it to drive over $10M in home improvement sales in less than six years. Nothing happens until a sale is made and Mike’s here to help us better understand what to do before, during, and after a meeting in order to seal the deal. Check out his lesson below let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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Today’s Mentor

Mike Claudio is a seasoned sales and business development professional with 15+ years of sales and sales leadership experience. He has helped several construction companies grow from a leadership position and decided to turn that into a career as a sales consultant and coach for professionals in the construction industry by starting WinRate Consulting in early 2018. So far Mike has worked with over 25 companies and helped several grow by 7-figures in process.

You’ll Learn

  • How to maximize your chances of closing the sale before the meeting even begins
  • The word-for-word email script that gets prospects excited to speak with you
  • The 6 specific questions you need to ask in order to be seen as the only logical choice for their project
  • The exact words to use when it comes time to ask for the sale
  • The 5-step post-meeting checklist to make sure you wow your prospects
  • How to write a post-meeting email that gets prospects to commit
  • The important information you must include in all of your job proposals
  • A proven follow-up schedule you can use to improve your closing rate
  • How to easily handle objections that keep you from winning the job
  • And a ton more!


To learn more about Mike’s Proven Process to Scale Your Business, visit The Winning Mindset Mastermind Group! 

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