In this academy lesson, Alan McKenna talks about lead addiction and how you may have more revenue hiding in plain sight. You’ll learn how to turn “dead leads” into cash, identify why sales aren’t closing, shorten your sales cycle, save cancellations, and a whole lot more that may just add a few zeros to your bottom line this year.

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Today’s Mentor

Alan McKenna is a  highly accomplished and successful sales and marketing strategist creating 6- and 7-figure high-profit marketing and sales funnels. Alan has a proven track record for helping companies attain massive revenue increases, slash marketing costs, and growing bottom-line profits through implementing innovative sales and marketing strategies.

With over 20 years working with the best companies in the remodeling industry, Alan exponentially helps his clients grow in three specific ways: More Sales. More Appointments. More Profit. 

You’ll Learn

  • The 5 steps to get more revenue from unsold leads
  • How to improve the performance of your salespeople to get higher conversions. 
  • The information you must include in a compelling offer to impress your unsold leads.
  • How to create simple sales stats reports to measure and manage your team’s results
  • A successful high converting script for your rehash team
  • The tested optimal time frame and system to present your offer and close more deals.
  • And much more!


To get a free consultation with Alan, call or text him at 858-729-0100.

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