In this academy lesson, Tim Brown from Hook Agency shares how you can create content for the purpose of generating links which can result in more traffic to your website. Why would you need more traffic? Because more traffic means more leads and sales, that’s why! 

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Today’s Mentor

Tim is the owner of Hook Agency, an 10 person marketing agency out of Minneapolis – serving small businesses and construction companies. Hook helps roofers and construction companies get more traffic and leads with professional web design and greater visibility with content marketing + SEO.

You’ll Learn

  • The 8 proven methods to get people to link to your site
  • How to write successful scripts that will make your content stand out organically
  • A step-by-step guide on how to create quality content in order to get more referrals.
  • How to leverage partnerships with industry influencers to humanize your brand and get more traffic on your website.
  • How to get conversions on your organic search results to close more jobs.
  • And a ton more!


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