In this academy lesson, Tony Hoty shares why hunting for new leads isn’t the solution to all your problems. He teaches his simple but proven Four “R” Framework for turning existing job sites into one of your sources for generating new business. Aside from running his own remodeling company, Tony travels extensively, speaking at events and consulting for some of the top remodeling names in the US.

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Today’s Mentor

Tony has spent his entire adult life working in the home remodeling industry. His first position involved canvassing door-to-door around job sites for a local contractor in Columbus. After experiencing early success, Tony was given the opportunity to staff home shows, events and retail stores, so he could learn to generate leads through other channels.

To date, Tony has built an incredible network of resources along with a wealth of experience. Sharing this knowledge and wisdom is one of Tony’s passions. However, leading by example is his true mission. That is why Tony owns and operates his own remodeling business to this day. This provides him with the vehicle to stay relevant and engaged, always in tune with the modern challenges that home improvement professionals face on a daily basis.

You’ll Learn

  • How to turn a service call into a potential marketing opportunity
  • The step-by-step to promote customer referrals through a successful reward program
  • The importance of The Red Carpet System set up to create online and offline brand visibility.
  • The exact way to film and promote social media videos to generate social proof.
  • How to leverage your business network to create new opportunities and repeat business.
  • The impact that tools such as “The Social Media Scoreboard” can have on your brand awareness
  • And much more!


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