In this academy lesson, we are joined by the exclusive small business coach for Ziglar Inc. Howard Partridge, who went from zero to being the owner of several multi-million dollar enterprises. Howard is here to teach you how systems and leadership are the keys to growing a successful contracting business.

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Today’s Mentor

Howard Partridge is an international business coach with coaching members in 109 industries in 20 countries. He is a best selling author of eight books, a TEDx Speaker, the exclusive business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, the first Ziglar Legacy Trainer in the world, the first founding member of The John Maxwell Team and a Master DISC Certified Human Behavior Expert. We are thrilled to have him today as our very special guest.

You’ll Learn

  • The 5 systems of a Phenomenal Business and a detailed guide on how to implement them on your company
  • The outline of an organizational chart to help you scale your business
  • How to identify the results that you’re looking for by determining daily performance metrics for your team.
  • How to attract humble, hungry and smart people to reach your organizational goals
  • The #1 reason why small businesses fail to implement policies and procedures and the winning strategy to overcome it.  
  • And much more!


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