In this academy lesson, Les O’Hara from Build12 teaches his simple, proven contractor marketing strategy that any home service business can implement to see long lasting results.

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Today’s Mentor

Les is committed to developing strategies to help you increase your profitability for your contracting business.

He has built his “coaching system” to help small and medium-size contractors build more reliable, systemized, and profitable companies. His plans are very detailed, specific, and customized to meet the needs and skillsets of your trade. Each business is unique and each deserves its own coaching strategy.

Starting out as a contractor himself, he’s walked in your shoes, climbed up ladders, got yelled at by homeowners, had employees steal from him, and has dealt with most of your challenges.

He’s learned how to successfully position and market contracting businesses to be the major player in their market. Currently, he’s the only serial construction business owner running your type of business and working as a construction business growth coach. He was also a former Big 10 football player who started his career in financial planning, earning a Chartered Financial Consultant Degree, and considers himself a QuickBooks Ninja!

You’ll Learn

  • The marketing formula Les developed and used to grow 6 separate multimillion dollar contracting companies. 
  • Where to spend your money and time to generate quality leads for your business
  • How to determine what percentage of your sales to put into marketing based on your anticipated growth
  • How a compelling vision can make you the best choice in your customers’ eyes.
  • The importance of finding the right strategic partners to maximize your marketing dollars
  • How frequency is required to forecast the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • How to determine, from data, who’s actually engaging with your brand
  • How constant micro adjustments are needed to get more visibility and close more jobs 
  • And much more!


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