In this academy lesson, Frank Bourque, a landscape & hardscape business consultant, teaches you the only 7 KPIs you need to be tracking on a monthly basis in order to see a significant increase in team performance and profits.

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Today’s Mentor

Frank is an award-winning hardscape professional, speaker, writer, consultant, and entrepreneur with an extensive background in business and hardscape construction. He has been a part of the Green Industry for over 20 years as a business owner, managing hundreds of employees working in various sectors including retail, landscape management, and landscape design/construction. 

Frank coaches full time internationally and speaks at some of the largest conferences and contractor events throughout the US and Canada. 

You’ll Learn

  • The components of a successful project schedule to determine where to invest in your business.
  • How to transform your team performance by setting systems in place to track productivity rate.
  • What are and how to use the recommended softwares to documents change orders to keep track of expenses, delays and profits.
  • How to organize RFIs and responses all in one spot to promote role accountability.
  • How to finish strong with all closeouts to promote repeat and future business.
  • And much more!


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