In this academy lesson, Logan Shinholser from Full Sail Marketing teaches contractors how to get more targeted traffic to their website with 5 simple SEO tweaks that can be done quickly and easily!

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Today’s Mentor

Logan Shinholser is the owner of Full Sail Marketing, an online marketing agency that focuses on helping residential construction companies and contractors build their presence, generate leads, and grow their brand. They specialize in putting the right message in front of the right prospects via website design, SEO and social media advertising.

You’ll Learn

  • How to breakdown your website content to promote a better customer experience
  • How to effectively use video to increase dwell time and brand credibility
  • The benefits that external links have on your networking efforts and company’s trust
  • The importance of using targeted synonyms to make your content more accessible and interactive 
  • The right keywords to use on the first 100 words to keep your audience engaged and rank higher on SERP
  • And much more!


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