In this academy lesson, you’ll learn how to leverage your existing content to increase your incoming leads. If you do any kind of blogging or content creation for your contractor website, then you need to watch this academy lesson by Builder Funnel’s Spencer Powell on how to get 2-3X more leads with a few clever content tweaks!⁠

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Today’s Mentor

Spencer earned his Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Partner Certifications in 2010, and has been practicing and teaching inbound marketing to businesses ever since. Spencer has also obtained the Inbound Sales Certification. There’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing, and Spencer specializes in strategy and lead generation.

Personally, you can find Spencer at Chipotle three times a week where their team knows him by name. In the summers, you’ll find him outside playing doubles volleyball or hiking the Colorado mountains. In the winter, he’s at the gym lifting and off season training for volleyball.

Spencer is also an avid reader and lifetime learner. He read 50 business, marketing, self-help, and real estate books in 2015. This has now become an annual event aiming for 35-50 books each year.

You’ll Learn

  • How to build trust and credibility through blog posts
  • The impact of blog optimization on traffic and lead quality over time
  • The step by step historical blog optimization (HBO) to increase your conversion rate
  • The importance of investing in new content and improving old content to improve brand visibility.
  • And a ton more!


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