Is there anyone who loves quality video more then us?

Unlikely. Which is why we are stoked to announce our partnership with Just Share Roofing Media!

What is Just Share?

Just Share Media was created to allow roofing companies of all sizes the ability to obtain movie-quality roofing videos to advertise for their roofing company. Knowing that videos are one of the most effective tools for online marketing, we created this revolutionary service to give you access to hundreds of high quality, professionally filmed and edited, turn-key roofing videos available for immediate license and customization.

With the ability to add your company logo and customized text to the videos, you truly get customized professional roofing videos at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team.

This service is a low cost monthly subscription plan, accessible through their easy to use online platform. Instead of hiring a custom videography team to produce one high quality video for $10,000, you will get a new video every single month for as low as $399/mo!

This allows you to keep your content fresh and interesting.

And that’s just the beginning…

With Just Share, you’ll get:

  • Turn-key professional roofing videos for as low as $399/mo
  • Limitless library of professional roofing videos to choose from
  • New video license every single month!

  • Exclusive license for your area (no other roofer can use your video!)
  • Dominate your social media game with professional videos that are better than your competition’s!

How Just Share and Webrunner Work Together

You know what works really well with paid ad campaigns?


We’ve seen contractors that invest in video and use them for Facebook ads and Instagram ads have a significantly higher ROI than plain image or text ads.

In fact, 72% of homeowners would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

This makes investing in video a no-brainer, and with video services like Just Share, there really isn’t room for any to not be using video in your marketing strategy!

Just Share Roofing Media

What Does This Partnership Mean?

Our new partnership with Just Share means that we can further support our clients by introducing them to the latest industry tools, tech, and services that can elevate their business to the next level.

Are you a new Webrunner client? Expect to be introduced to Just Share, alongside our other terrific partners, during your onboarding process. We love introducing our clients to our favourite tools early, so you have everything you need to operate a successful business and achieve your goals from the very start. It’s all about being proactive, right?

If you’re are an existing client, feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss any aspect of your business you think could use some sprucing up or extra support. We’re always happy to chat and explore new tools that could benefit your team.

Here at Webrunner, we want you to be successful. In order to help keep you ahead of the curve, let us support you with our wide network of industry professionals and expert tools. Let’s keep you at the forefront!

Just Share joins the ranks of our other amazing partners, such as Hatch, SumoQuote and NiceJob – just to name a few!

We know you’ll love Just Share as much as we do!

Want To Know More?

The folks at Just Share are offering Webrunner clients an exclusive offer when they sign on – reach out to us for more information!

And if you would like to learn more about Just Share, check out their website!

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