Jamey Vumback

Marc Levesque

34 Minutes

Did you know that 89% of buyers are willing to refer their service providers?

We invited Jamey Vumback from Get the Referral to teach us more about their all-in-one software solution that’s helping home remodelers capture profitable, high quality inbound leads.

We know you work hard to deliver your customers top quality service. So when they’re ready to sing your praises, you’ll be thankful to have a tool like Get The Referral waiting in the wings to incentivize customers and amplify the referral process.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How referral marketing speeds up the sales funnel

  • The trick to capturing high quality referral leads, fast

  • How to engage with customers in the ‘Age of Advocacy’

  • The evolution of referral marketing and why word of mouth is king

  • How contractors scale faster with Get The Referral

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More About Jamey Vumback

In 2013, before getting onto the tech scene, Jamey Vumback owned a solar company and was on the front lines when it came to identifying avenues for business growth. He admits their lead generation was a little behind the times, between cold calling and direct mail. He was eager to find an innovative marketing solution that could generate quality leads without letting costs get out of control.

One form of marketing that has never gone out of style? Word of mouth.

Drawing upon his experience in sales and advertising, Jamey knew that referrals were extremely valuable. The next question was how to get customers actively engaged in the referral process. And Get the Referral was born.

With GTR’s all in one referral solution, contractors finally have a cost-effective automated method that easily drives word-of-mouth leads. With their innovative app which you can fully brand, including an integrated dashboard to manage leads and communication, GTR is a must-have to fuel growth in todays age of advocacy.

Since it’s inception in 2014, GTR has built a loyal following with customers across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.

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