Shawn Hill (NiceJob)

Holly Rafuse

31 minutes

Did you know that 90% of consumers use the internet to find a local business?

Your next question should be how you plan on making sure those consumers, or in this case homeowners, notice you instead of your competitors. The answer can be found in an emerging marketing strategy known as reputation marketing.

A mix of brand marketing and reputation management, reputation marketing is all about transforming delighted customers into raving fans. This fandom, in turn, creates a buzz surrounding your business – attracting customers in a way that traditional marketing tactics just can’t touch.

It’s all about flexing that street cred in the form of customer reviews and letting your work speak for itself.

Shawn Hill from NiceJob is sharing exactly how you can leverage homeowner reviews to grow your contracting business and how their software can help you stay ahead of the curve.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to transform delighted customers into raving fans

  • The keys to create an effective review generation strategy

  • How and when to request reviews throughout the customer journey
  • Why you should embrace every review – the good and the bad
  • How to increase search rankings and sales with social proof

More about Shawn Hill

As Community Marketing Director, Shawn Hill cultivates both internal and external audiences for NiceJob. His interest in reputation marketing sparked during his time in the sports industry, where he mastered the art of getting people excited and passionate about a brand. And we all there’s no fandom quite like that of a sports team or league!

Although your homeowners may not be waving any foam fingers, Shawn’s expert guidance is equally applicable to the contracting world. By exceeding customer expectations and making the review process simple, you’ll have a winning recipe for leveraging your own reputation to increase sales and growth.

Based out of Vancouver, NiceJob helps great businesses get in front of homeowners and drive sales through online reviews. Their software is simple and easy to use, while robust and powerful enough to help contractors scale.

In short, NiceJob makes sure you get the reputation you deserve.


Want to learn more about NiceJob and how to win more reviews, referrals, and sales? Check out their website:

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