Dave Yoho

Marc Levesque

32 minutes

Nobody enjoys selling – even salespeople. And you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who likes be sold to. So how can businesses navigate such a sticky situation?

Enter Dave Yoho – President of Dave Yoho Associates and one of the most prominent sales and consulting experts in the home services industry.

In our latest CSA Lesson, Dave Yoho shares step-by-step how you can transform your sales process with effective communications.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Selling isn’t an art form, it’s a science

  • Why poor communications and sales don’t mix

  • The Paradigm Shift Theory

  • Why you should focus on benefits, not features

  • How to build insightful rapport with clients

More about Dave Yoho

Dave Yoho is one of the most sought after sales training and business consulting experts in the industry. At 28 years old, his first venture grew to become the largest home improvement company in the Unites States – worth $250 million annually in today’s dollars.

A pioneer in home improvement marketing and in home sales, Dave Yoho has represented Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. He has appeared in over 100 sales training videos and is author of the best selling book, “Have a Great Year Every Year”.

As President of renowned small business consulting company, Dave Yoho Associates, he is dedicated to improving the productivity and profitability of clients. Combining first-hand industry experience and extensive research, Dave Yoho and his team have crafted some of the most effective sales tools and methodologies in the field.


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