Some people like to joke that the most expensive words you can hear are, “That’s the way it’s always been done.”

But when it comes to marketing and scaling your modern-day contracting business, you’ll be waiting a long time for any punchline to drop.

Sure, there was a point in time where radio, print, or television advertising were all the rage. And that’s not to say that those methods still can’t work, but times have changed.

And as much as we love to party like it’s 1999, it’s 2022. Homeowners aren’t shopping the way they did 20 odd years ago.

If you’re serious about expanding your contracting business, you need a marketing strategy that will drive consistent, proven results. No more crossing fingers, hoping the right person hears the right commercial at the right time (Yes, I’m looking at you, radio!)

So, how about a marketing strategy that ensures the right people see your ads?

In turn, increasing your revenue, sales, and lead generation.

That’s why when our clients come to us with the same dilemma, we point them in the direction of pay-per-click advertising – commonly referred to as PPC.

But before we dive into how contractors benefit from PPC advertising, let’s take a look at the mechanics.

An Overview of PPC

PPC is a method of online advertising by which advertisers pay each time someone clicks on their ad.

It’s the opposite of organic traffic, where brands rely on SEO to optimize visibility. In comparison, paid search enables advertisers to pay for favourable spots in search queries.

Think of PPC as the hotel room you splurge on for a beachfront view.

What makes PPC campaigns so sticky is their ability to work with search engines. Advertisers bid for keywords in ad placements on networks such as Google and Bing – wherever homeowners are likely to search for services. When someone’s search query features a keyword you’re bidding on, your name will appear in flashing lights!

And by flashing lights, we mean the first page of Google results, which is prime real estate and exactly how PPC ads drive more traffic to your landing page.

Because as of 2021, Google holds 92% of the global online search market.

I’d like to see a newspaper ad with that same kind of hustle.



By suggesting PPC is the way to go is in no way throwing shade to SEO.

The primary difference between SEO and PPC is that pay-per-click is precisely that – paid.

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, relies on organic traffic.

And while organic traffic is fine and dandy, it doesn’t give you the exact control and precision as paid advertising.

Paid advertising drives 2x the amount of visitors compared to organic.

SEO does wonders for brand recognition and awareness. However, it will likely leave you scrambling to identify homeowners who are ready to convert.

Considering we’re a paid ads marketing agency, maybe we’re a bit biased.

However, the 6 and 7 figure contracting companies we’ve helped scale over the years show no signs of slowing down.

So we’re diving into the four reasons why the top contractors just can’t get enough of PPC.

1. Measurable and quantifiable

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, you can always keep the pulse on PPC campaigns and know exactly how they’re performing.

This is crucial for two reasons.

First, the success of your marketing campaigns directly impacts the financial health of your company. Whether that’s ad spend or the money generated from those campaigns. Understanding the relationship between your marketing efforts and business performance is crucial to scaling.

Real Results

Our clients Home Remodeling Pros of Central PA found themselves in a scaling pickle thanks to a problem known all too well in the contracting industry – unpredictable revenue. 

They needed a reliable, consistent way to generate leads and grow their business. Upon deciding to invest more into their paid ads, in addition to consulting and landing pages, they were able to triple their revenue in just 12 months.

So, it really does pay to know the numbers.

Secondly, you can continuously optimize your campaigns based on those numbers. How can you expect to constantly drive leads and attract homeowners with a ‘one and done’ approach?

It’s simple. You can’t.

Unlike a billboard or radio ad, PPC campaigns can continuously be tweaked and updated.

We’ll dive deeper into campaign optimization later, but when data is always available, you’re that much more empowered to refine campaigns and attract more homeowners. With PPC campaigns, you know exactly when, where, and who is clicking on ads.

Pro-Tip: If you’re investing in PPC ads, you should always have access to performance metrics. Advertisers who genuinely want to see their clients succeed recognize the importance of transparency.

That’s why Webrunner clients can always view their ad performance in real time. Including number of leads and cost-per-lead, clients also have the option of surveying performance on a monthly or by campaign basis. Our data driven approach ensures everyone is on the same page, while supporting future ad and campaign strategies.

2. Higher quality leads and increased traffic

When combined, these two make a powerful duo – launching contractors into ROI greatness.

Like, really great. PPC ads have an average ROI of 200%.

If your marketing efforts aren’t focused on targeting and identifying specific customers, you may as well flush your money down the drain.

Sure, crafting targeted ads may take some time and money upfront – but it’s a worthwhile investment.

PPC marketing drives higher quality leads and traffic because ads are targeted towards those most likely to buy your product or service.

using precise ad copy and directing your traffic to dedicated landing pages for increased relevancy and lead quality.

How does PPC ensure better quality leads?

  • Copy designed to identify and pre-qualify leads

  • Relevant keywords that your leads are searching online

  • Experiment with keyword, image, and copy combinations

  • Directs leads to targeted landing pages and lead forms

You may also be interested in knowing that PPC leads’ conversion rates are 50% higher than those found through other forms of traditional advertising.

It’s those high conversions and closing rates that equal big bucks for your contracting business.

Real Results

Don’t believe us? A Bath Fitter franchisee needed help improving their online presence to generate more leads so they could grow faster.

By leveraging a combination of Facebook and Google ads, and taking advantage of the Webrunner partnership program, they increased their qualified lead volume by 300%.

3. The ability to retarget

We all have one.

A particular ad always seems to reappear wherever we go, magically. You know what I’m talking about. Even if we only searched for that product or service once.

That “magic” is actually called retargeting. It’s a powerful tool that can keep your contracting business in front of homeowners longer. While those viewing the ads may never actually buy, retargeting does a bang-up job keeping the brand top of mind.

Believe it or not, display remarketing campaigns can boost conversion rates by 40%.

Retargeted ads almost act as a sort of safety net, catching leads that may not be ready to buy just yet and otherwise slip through the cracks. That’s what makes PPC such a great lead generation tool.

Those who see retargeted PPC ads are likely somewhat already familiar with your brand. They may have visited your website, searched for similar keywords, or followed you on social media.

And when those leads are eventually ready to buy, guess who’s most likely to score their business?

Retargeting has become increasingly important since homeowners are now spending more time doing their homework before purchasing. Keeping your brand, products, or services nearby will mitigate the risk of quality leads flirting with the competition.

4. You’re always in the drivers seat

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, you are always in control of your PPC campaigns.

Optimizing Factors of PPC Ads

Keywords: Your bread and butter for attracting the proper attention. Think product, service, location, or anything else your ideal lead may be searching.

Negative keywords: These limit your ads from showing up for irrelevant queries that won’t end in clicks or conversions, avoiding unnecessary lead costs.

Budget: Knowing the dollars and cents tied to specific ads is key to being able to scale. If not, you hinder your growth ability since you may not know where other marketing opportunities lie and possible wiggle room.

Copy: No homeowner is going to click on a boring headline, let alone continue to read the description. Choose attention-grabbing and descriptive copy curated for your ideal lead. Don’t forget to include any unique offerings.

Images: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and images are a great way to pique homeowner interest (Recent work, promotions, seasonal, etc.)

For maximum return, you can run multiple PPC ads simultaneously with varying factors. This flexibility means you can experiment with all different combinations of elements until you find one that works best.

Then continuously build upon that momentum. After all, the online world is a dynamic environment.

Real Results

Speaking of innovative ads, Epic Roofing enlisted our help to amplify their content creation with a paid strategy. After just 12 months together, Epic Roofing slashed cost-per-lead by 70% while increasing lead volume by 300%.

Honorable Mention – Facebook Paid Ads

It’s important to mention that paid advertising can extend beyond search engine networks.

Take Facebook, for instance, which generates billions in revenue every year through advertising.

Facebook targets users based on demographics, location, and other profile information. As a contractor, you can promote your Facebook page, Facebook posts, or your landing page.

When creating Facebook ads, you can choose from various formats – such as video, images, or carousel (multiple images).

Facebook ads, although still a paid acquisition system, are pay-per-impression. So they aren’t technically part of the pay-per-click club.

But they are a great compliment to any PPC search engine campaign.

Pro – Tip : Our most high-profile and profitable clients used search and paid Facebook ads to scale for the big leagues. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

The Big Picture

If you are serious about increasing revenue, sales, and leads, PPC is just the ticket.

The reality is that fewer homeowners are asking their neighbors for recommendations, and more are using online and social media to find service providers.

Ergo, the more critical it will be that you have a prominent digital presence that attracts homeowners, powered by a strategic advertising play behind the scenes.

By investing in PPC, you’re investing in more than just marketing. You’re supporting the scale and long-term success of your contracting business.

To quickly recap, here are the reasons why we love getting contractors started with pay-per-click campaigns;

  • Measurable and quantifiable

  • Higher quality leads and increased traffic
  • The ability to retarget
  • You’re always in the drivers seat

Trust us; once you go PPC, you’ll never look back.

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