Webrunner Case Study: How this Remodeling Contractor Tripled their Revenue with Paid Ads
Who they are

Home Remodeling Pros of Central PA

Home Remodeling Pros of Central PA is a residential remodeling company initially founded in 1989. They have extensive experience in home remodeling and pride themselves on offering outstanding customer experiences. They have a highly trained team of professionals who understand every aspect of a remodeling project.

They are committed to craftsmanship, responsiveness, and compliance, understanding that the customer experience is always a top priority.

They specialize in kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling, working with some of the most upscale products in the industry to provide remodeling services that give homeowners a luxury experience.

Although Home Remodeling Pros know interior remodeling like the back of their hand, marketing their contracting business didn’t come as easily.

That’s where we came in…


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“Working with Webrunner has been an amazing experience. By far the best digital marketing partner I’ve worked with. They are pleasant, driven to get things done, and self-accountable to the most important metric: ROI. They have delivered on their promises and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Craig Leary
Owner and Operator

The Problem:

Unpredictable Revenue

Home Remodeling Pros was struggling to scale past their revenue figures and ultimately grow their business. They knew they needed a more reliable way to generate remodeling leads and get more customers; they just needed a system to help them do it.

In the past, they were managing their paid media themselves with little strategy. They invested a couple of dollars here and there, but never saw an interesting return on investment or the kind of consistency they wanted.

Intending to remedy this issue, they signed on with another agency to take over their accounts. However, the results they expected still weren’t coming in. They were after consistent growth, and so far, nobody had been able to provide that for them.

Webrunner came highly recommended to them through a business partner, and that’s when the magic happened…

The Solution:

Enough about the problems. Let’s talk about the good stuff!

As with all of our clients, our team took a multi-faceted approach that included diving deep into their business metrics, building that initial level of trust, and taking incremental steps to achieve the results they were looking for.

After our initial conversation, we decided on one single goal: Acquire leads at a marketing cost over revenue ratio of 15% or less.

Although this may sound like a lofty goal, we managed to hit that target and triple their revenue in one year through:

  • Ongoing consulting

  • High-converting landing pages
  • Paid ads on Google and Facebook

A good portion of the secret sauce for our client’s success is the ongoing consulting we offer as part of our marketing mandate. At the beginning of our relationship, we sat down with Home Remodeling Pros to learn more about how things worked on their backend.

How are their sales processes? How is their rehash system?

Once we discovered where they were succeeding and where they needed some support, we put them in touch with key partners and helped them implement the right tools to make sure their processes were ready and optimized for growth through paid ads.

In Home Remodeling Pros’ case, we saw they had two main roadblocks in their sales process that was affecting lead generation:

  • Closing deals
  • Speed-to-lead

First, we recommended they offer financing to their clients immediately. This not only allowed them to close more deals they usually would have lost, but it also took them one big step ahead of their local competition. After this was implemented, we noticed that a majority of the leads came in because they offered financing options, making their services more accessible to the average homeowner.

To help with speed-to-lead, we introduced them to our partners at Hatch, an automation technology that increases speed-to-lead and customer experience. They signed on and took advantage of Hatch’s automation features to connect with new leads almost instantly, which helped their contact and closing rates tremendously.

We also gave them feedback on their CRM setup with MarketSharp to allow for proper lead and revenue tracking. We integrated directly with Marketsharp so that they could keep track of their leads, customers, and jobs in one convenient place.

After making sure that their back-end was ready to roll, we moved onto the next step which was to create custom landing pages.

To achieve significant improvements and really move the needle on their growth, we knew we’d need high conversion rates. This starts with creating landing pages for specific services that are designed to convert.

We do this through our proven landing page testing process that lets us significantly increase conversion rates and decrease lead costs over time.

With A/B testing, we’re able to test two variants of the same landing page against each other to see what generates more leads, and then continue to make adjustments to the winner in order to achieve even higher conversion rates. Through this process, we knew we’d eventually find a page that converted at a high enough rate to reach our marketing goal for Home Remodeling Pros.

In the end, we landed on a page designed for basement remodeling which had a conversion rate of 14% (that’s nearly 8x higher than average). We rolled this page style out to their other services and saw a similar lift in results, which had a direct impact to their bottom line practically overnight.

We also had all of their pages setup with their Facebook Pixel so that we could retarget people with Facebook ads…but more on that in a minute.

Once we had the landing pages build-out, we hit the ground running by launching ad campaigns first on Google and Bing, and then Facebook and Instagram shortly after.

On Google and Bing, we launched several branding campaigns for basement, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling jobs. These campaigns resulted in 35 leads per month with a cost per lead of 185$, with a conversion rate that was four times higher than the average at 10%! The secret sauce for the success of these campaigns was the offer we promoted.

Although we can’t share the exact offer (our lips are sealed!), we can tell you that your offer will make or break your campaigns, so it is important that you choose carefully!

From there, we utilized the Facebook pixel and launched retargeting campaigns for all the landing page bounces on Facebook and Instagram. Home Remodeling Pros also took advantage of our complimentary video editing services and shared with us a plethora of video content that we turned into high-quality video ads. With these ads, we began to generate around 100 leads per month on average, with a cost per lead below $70.

In the end, our skillfully crafted paid advertising campaigns and high converting landing pages resulted in a customer acquisition cost of around $1,500. That’s 1.5x lower than the industry average!

The Results: 3x Revenue in 12 Months!

Within one year, Home Remodeling Pros tripled their revenue by implementing our recommendations, allowing us to test and deploy high-converting landing pages, and letting us take control of their paid ad campaigns.

During this year, they generated about 700 leads, averaging around 100 consistent leads a month while keeping the cost to acquire a customer at $1500.

While generating over 7 figures in sales, their cost over revenue ratio remained at 5% or less. This was a huge win!

We continue to work closely with Home Remodeling Pros to support their growth, but this is just the beginning for them.

We have plans to continue expanding into additional categories and services and to keep providing them with the leads they need to keep on growing.

The moral of this story?

The higher volume of data you have, the smarter marketing decisions you can make, the faster you can scale your business.

In order to break through the glass ceiling, you must be willing to take the jump, and Home Remodeling Pros is proof of that.

What’s Next:

After an incredible year, our partnership with Home Remodeling Pros only continues to grow.

We are constantly working together to optimize their campaigns, and find new, innovative ways for them to scale their business.

This hard work and teamwork paid off; to the tune of 2 million dollars in sales from Webrunner leads so far this year as of July 2021.

They have also recently signed on to our newest service offering, Contractor Creatives, which allows them unlimited graphic design services at a fixed monthly fee. Allowing them the freedom to focus more on growing their business.

Home Remodeling Pros Case Study Contractor Creatives

Home Remodeling Pros is just getting started, and we cannot wait to be by their side during their continued growth!

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