Webrunner Case Study: Great Roofing
Who they are

Great Roofing

With offices across 5 cities in the United States, Great Roofing is a prime example of the upper hand that comes with prioritizing consistent, sustainable growth for your contracting business.

Specializing in residential and commercial roof replacement, their mission is to grow by providing the highest quality service using the highest quality products at a great value. They strive to be the most professional and effective communicators who always do what they say, and focus on building positive and lasting relationships with their customers.

They value quality, professionalism, effective communication, and they stand by their tagline D.W.Y.S.Y.W.D (do what you say you will do) throughout every job they produce.

Without question, Great Roofing knows how to offer quality services and provide an outstanding customer experience.

On the marketing front however, things weren’t as easy. This is where we came into the picture..

Average leads per month
Growth in 36 months
Forecasted revenue
The Problem:

Lack of Predictability and Quality Lead Flow

In previous years, their business model was to go after storm-damaged areas and grow their business based on the weather conditions. They are extremely proficient at working with insurance claims and found a great niche in that market.

Although that business model is profitable, it lacked consistency and therefore made it difficult to grow their sales year over year. Having a business model that is dependent on weather patterns makes for a number of challenges when it comes to sustainable growth.

After identifying this problem, Great Roofing started purchasing unbranded leads from a 3rd-party vendor in hopes of building predictability into their business. This ended up being a challenge because they needed a large volume of leads to land a new customer, and they found themselves in a constant bidding war because the leads were being bombarded by multiple contractors all at the same time.

Great Roofing decided to move away from buying leads and began testing out different marketing agencies that could provide them with everything under one roof (SEO, SEM, SMM) in hopes of finding one that would help them grow their business profitably. They paid thousands per month in management fees, received generic reports with meaningless metrics, and in the end, every agency they worked with failed to deliver profitable results. Because of this, they developed a huge mistrust of marketing agencies.

Luckily, Great Roofing agreed to explore the idea of working with us thanks to coming highly recommended by a mutual friend in the roofing industry.

They were hesitant at first due to being burned by their previous marketing partners, so we agreed to start small and grow naturally as we achieved profitability.

Three years later, Great Roofing has achieved massive success through working with Webrunner—to the tune of 250% growth in 3 years!

Keep reading to learn exactly how they did it…

The Solution:

After hearing about their past and taking a consultative approach to learn more about their unique goals, we decided to start slowly with the plan to build trust and invest more as time went on.

We implemented a 3-part strategy that has impacted their business over the past 3 years and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Year 1 : Google Ads + Integrations

  • Year 2 : Consulting, Strategy, and Partnerships

  • Year 3 : Commercial and Fine Tuning

1st Year

Google Ads & Integrations

Great Roofing’s goal for year one was simple: increase quality lead flow. After our initial consultation in May 2019, we knew we had to hit the ground running with solid Google Ad campaigns.

We went live with their first location with a monthly budget of around $6,000. In the early stages, our average cost-per-click was $45, which in all honesty was much higher than what we were hoping for.

But the longer we ran the campaigns, the more data we were able to collect. This allowed us to fine-tune our strategy and lower costs by optimizing the ad copy, pausing expensive keywords, and improving the conversion rate on their landing pages through A/B testing. All these little changes combined allowed us to increase the average click-through rate by 123%.

Despite a rocky start, our Google ad campaigns ended up hitting full stride within a few months, and Great Roofing reached $7 million in global sales in year one!

Great Roofing Case Study - Google Ads and Integrations

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2nd Year

Consulting, Strategy & Partnerships

When May 2020 came around, Great Roofing was ready to kick it up a notch: they fully committed to setting up their business for long term growth.

In order to make this goal a reality, we examined their business under a comprehensive lens to make sure they had the necessary foundation in place to scale.

We worked directly with Great Roofing in a consultative fashion to create their marketing plan for the year. From there, we built customized dashboards for their entire business that covered everything from their lead flow and return on investment, all the way down to individual sales representatives’ performance.

With the proper processes in place, we were then able to refine their marketing strategy through lead source tracking and introducing new campaigns on platforms like Bing, YouTube, and Facebook. Throughout the year, we were also able to optimize their campaigns and reduce our cost per lead by 50% to ~$300/lead (these are branded, exclusive, high-quality leads!).

These improved campaigns directly generated $3 million in revenue from a monthly marketing budget of ~$30k while helping them build significant brand awareness in their local market.

We also implemented a unique direct-mail campaign that became one of their top-performing lead sources, generating an additional $2.5M in sales in 2020 thanks to targeting the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time.

Encompassing all lead sources (Google ads, Facebook ads, flyers, referrals, etc.), Great Roofing grew by 30% and generated $10M in revenue in just their second year of working with Webrunner.

3rd Year

Commercial & Fine Tuning

Moving into the 3rd year of our partnership, we sat down with Great Roofing to discuss what was next on their bucket list. This year, their goal was more quantifiable. They wanted to hit $15M in revenue.

To do this, we implemented two strategies:

1. Fine-tuned residential campaigns and added additional services

2. Launched commercial roofing paid ad campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns should never be stagnant. While our team worked on building out their new commercial roofing campaigns, we continued to invest time into fine-tuning their residential campaigns, testing new offers, and deploying new services like siding.

In addition, we worked with Great Roofing to overhaul their referral program in order to generate more leads from every job they completed.

Once we launched their commercial roofing campaigns, that’s when things got exciting. Although the campaigns are still in their infancy, Great Roofing has already closed some profitable deals, and is currently working on closing a $2M commercial roofing job.

Overall, Great Roofing will generate around 2000 leads in 2021 and is on pace to hit $20M in revenue.

The Results: 250% Growth in 36 Months

After 3 years with Webrunner, Great Roofing’s consistent lead flow and growth issues have been solved.

By introducing a variety of search and social media ads, optimizing their marketing process and boosting closing rates, Great Roofing has achieved 250% growth in just 36 months.

Not only that, but they were also able to slash their average cost per lead in half, with the quality of those leads increasing.

What’s Next:

Armed with an outfitted paid ads strategy, leveraging tech integrations and our industry partners, Great Roofing can finally check consistent lead flow off their to-do list. Moving forward, we’ll focus on building upon their existing momentum to fuel even more growth.

Some upcoming benchmarks for the folks at Great Roofing include;

  • Optimizing the Great Roofing website to be more representative of who they are and their brand story
  • Evaluating alternative CRM opinions that are more agile, and a better fit than their current process
  • Establish a proposal solution so they can send out estimates quickly, with a good-better-best option for homeowners

What can be learned from Great Roofing’s success? Ultimately, it’s the summation of wins, both big and small, that drive impressive results. 

After all – to reach the top of the ladder, you have to take every small step along the way.

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