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We’re on a mission to leave no stone unturned when it comes to growing contracting businesses – which is exactly why we can’t get enough of paid ads. Why paid ads, you ask?

We have the opportunity to continuously experiment and optimize campaigns for our clients, helping them innovate and improve their online strategy. By leveraging paid ads, we enable contractors to level up their marketing and uncover new avenues to increase online visibility, generating a predictable influx of leads.

This is where Camilo, one of our talented and results-hungry PPC Specialists, comes into the picture. With an eye for detail and drive to help clients achieve unique growth targets, Camilo identified an opportunity to maximize client lead potential with a single element.

Join us as we walk through Camilo’s experiment, the process, and discover how it helped our client, Pools R Us, increase conversions by 246% (plus more).

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The Client : Pools R Us

Pools R Us is located in West Island, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Laval, and surrounding areas in Quebec, Canada. With over 20 years of experience, they’re your one-stop-shop for all pool and backyard hardscaping solutions. Their services include custom pool designs, opening and closing of pools, as well as repair and maintenance.

As part of their online advertising play, Pools R Us leverage responsive search ads.

Responsive Search Ads

Example of responsive search ads from our client's Campaign.

Responsive search ads (RSA’s) allow you to craft an ad that can adapt to showcase the most relevant messages possible to potential customers. Leveraging multiple descriptions and headlines, Google Ads will automatically experiment and test different combinations to identify which perform best.

Talk about working smarter, not harder.

RSA’s help enhance campaign performance by aligning your ad content with lead search terms. Ultimately, boosting your visibility and increasing the likelihood of being found by leads.

Here are some other examples of how RSA’s help attract quality, profitable leads to scale your home remodeling business;

  • Experiments with dimensions giving you more real estate to share your message
  • Saves time by testing various headline and copy combinations, automatically

  • Specifies headlines based on location or locations of interest

  • Matches more search queries with multiple headlines/descriptions combos

  • Attracts more clicks and conversions from competing in more search queries

Needless to say, leveraging RSA’s already gave Pools R Us a competitive advantage.

But with another Google update looming, which would no longer allow the editing or addition of ad text, Camilo decided it was time to gather some data surrounding the practice of location insertion.

This way, Pools R Us would be able to make an informed, strategic decision on how to deploy Google Ads moving forward, rather than not taking the update into account and potentially leaving money on the table.

Location Insertion

Location insertion is a dynamic feature within Google Ads that enables users to tailor RSA text to the real-time location of customers (or other locations of interest). Any location highlighted would be featured in addition to services and/or product offerings included in your RSA.

For example, let’s say you’re a roofing contractor who services Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. Rather than wasting time writing individual headlines featuring each potential location, location insertion allows you to code and target the larger Houston area.

Headline code: Serving {LOCATION(City):Houston}

Dynamic location insertion with Google Ads for roofing contractors.

Once this code is replaced within your ad group, Google will automatically update the headline to reflect the same location as your leads. And if all goes according to plan, landing your business more clicks and conversions.

The Process

Step 1 : Duplicate the Ad Set in preparation of the campaign test.

Step 1 : To create the experiment, Camilo first duplicated the existing Pools R Us RSA’a.

Step 2: Add the dynamic location code to the duplicate ads.

Step 2 : Entering the appropriate code, Camilo added location insertion to the group of duplicated RSA’s.

Step 3: Set the budget division for the two ad groups to be tested.

Step 3 : He then decided to allocate the clients Google investment 50/50. Half going to the original RSA’s, and half to the new group of RSA’s with location insertion.

Step 4: Observe the results over 30 days to see the impact of the dynamic location insertion code.

Step 4 : With the original RSA’s and test RSA’s running in conjunction, Camilo monitored the experiment for the next 30 days. He recorded metrics such as clicks and conversions, which are important performance indicators for paid campaigns.

The Results

Experiment results showing the improvement of the campaigns after adding Dynamic Location Insertion.

Overall, the results of Camilo’s experiment were very insightful and further reinforced what our team already knew regarding the importance of localizing ads and leveraging location insertion.

Most importantly, this experiment resulted in more, cheaper clicks for Pools R Us, and improved their performance across all metrics.

Now, when was the last time you heard of a business generating more leads at a lower cost?

With the addition of location insertion, clients like Pools R Us will no longer have to cross their fingers in hopes of appearing in, ‘’roofers near me’’ search queries. Instead, they can focus their efforts on serving clients while Google intuitively adapts their ads to specific locations, putting them front and center on homeowner radars.

Moving forward, Camilo anticipates more ongoing tests with dynamic ads and their implementation. Eventually, executing location insertion on a larger scale and squeezing out the best performance possible for our clients.

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