We are thrilled to announce the new addition to the Webrunner partnership crew, Get The Referral!

What is Get The Referral?

Get The Referral (GTR) has been in the market for the last 7 years helping Solar, Roofing and Home Service companies to connect and engage with customers to provide the best customer experience, turning them into raving fans of your company and ultimately sending you referrals!

In 2020, Get The Referral helped customers to generate over 75,687 new referrals, 19,088 referral sold deals, resulting in over $477 million dollars in gross revenue. Contractors have even seen 15X + ROI now by tapping into this proven referral software.

It get’s even better. They also provide:

  • An integrated dashboard that manages your leads and communication

  • An engaging, branded app

  • A simple way for your customers to actively refer to your company, and be rewarded quickly for their effort.

How GTR and Webrunner Work Together

Everyone knows how valuable qualified leads are.

With Webrunner, you can generate qualified leads through paid ads, and then turn those leads into raving fans through the GTR program, and continue to get qualified referrals even after the job is done.

It’s all about using the power of a happy customer to take your referral network to the next level.

Talk about a power duo!

Get the referral

What Does This Partnership Mean?

Our new partnership with GTR means that we can further support our clients by introducing them to the latest industry tools, tech, and services that can elevate their business to the next level.

Are you a new Webrunner client? Expect to be introduced to GTR, alongside our other terrific partners, during your onboarding process. We love introducing our clients to our favourite tools early, so you have everything you need to operate a thriving business and achieve your goals from the very start. It’s all about being proactive, right?

If you’re are an existing client, feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss any aspect of your business you think could use some sprucing up or extra support. We’re always happy to chat and explore new technologies that could benefit your team.

Here at Webrunner, we want you to be successful. In order to help keep you ahead of the curve, let us support you with our wide network of industry professionals and expert tools. Let’s keep you at the forefront!

GTR joins the ranks of our other amazing partners, such as Hatch, SumoQuote, and Ingage – just to name a few!

We know you’ll love GTR as much as we do!

Want To Know More?

The folks at GTR are offering Webrunner clients an exclusive offer when they sign on – reach out to us for more information!

And if you would like to learn more about GTR, check out their website!

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