Recently, I had the chance to chat with my friend Spencer Powell from BuilderFunnel on his podcast, Builder Funnel Radio.

We focused on some hot contractor marketing topics like:

  • common paid ad mistakes that lead to a ton of wasted advertising dollars
  • how to build a landing page that converts at a high rate
  • the difference between paid ads and content marketing (and why you need both)
  • how to decide between Google or Facebook ads when just starting out

and much more!

If you want to learn about paid advertising for contractors, or just more about contractor marketing in general, then check out my latest chat with Spencer in either audio or video format below!

Watch interview:


  • 1:30 – How I got started in marketing
  • 3:50 – Why we specialized in the Home Improvement niche
  • 9:21 – Common paid ad mistakes contractors make
  • 15:00 – Where you should be driving your paid traffic
  • 17:20 – The anatomy of a high-converting landing page
  • 24:00 – Traffic & Analytics tips
  • 30:00 – How to determine how much you should be spending on ads
  • 33:15 – Getting started with Google Ads the easy way
  • 36:20 – The difference between Facebook and Google Ads
  • 42:45 – The importance of content and how it fits into the equation
  • 45:28 – Some crucial, closing advice!

Listen in:

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