Caleb Nelson from Destination Motivation joined us on the Academy to share his unique program with us that can increase your closing rate by 15% without having to cut back on your average ticket price, all while providing the most exceptional customer experience.

Sound too good to be true?

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Today’s Mentor

Caleb Nelson is the Founder & President of Destination Motivation. For the last 10 years, Caleb has been a noteworthy leader and influencer in the home improvement and home service industries. He works with 20 out of the top 30 largest contractors in North America, implementing systems and structures that guarantee predictable results.

Caleb’s passion for sales and marketing strategy came from a very early age in his childhood, “If I wanted something as a kid, my parents would tell me to go earn money to build it or buy it. Needless to say, at the age of seven, I had to get really creative.” Caleb grew up and lives in Southern California with his wife Gail and 1-year old son Hunter. In this free time, you can find him surfing, snowboarding, and above all, traveling.

You’ll Learn

  • How you can create predictable results
  • The key to overcoming the challenges of in-home sales
  • How you can leverage the travel industry for your contracting business
  • Why you need to connect with homeowners emotions
  • And much more!


A big thanks to Caleb for stopping by the Academy and giving this awesome lesson!

To find out more information about Destination Motivation, check out their website here.

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