12 Insights Every Contractor Needs to Know to Dominate 2022

I think we can all agree, whether it be podcasts, webinars, or videos, contracting industry players brought their A game when it came to content creation this past year.

(And let’s be real, after 2020, we deserved only the best!).

So we’ve spent the last month collecting the top pieces of content this year from the biggest and brightest names in the home remodeling business.

Check back every day for the next 12 days to uncover the newest addition to the list! (It’s almost like a contractor marketing advent calendar… minus the chocolate).

PS – This list is in no particular order. We love you all equally!

3 Key Traits of High Performers vs. 3 Key Traits of Low Performers

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Have you ever wondered what separates your mom and pop contractors from the 8-figure heavy hitters? Why some contractors seem to thrive, while others plateau or never make it to the infamous, next level

Turns out, those who seem to be stuck in a rut and those who excel have one thing in common. It’s all about attitude, habits, and ways of thinking that impact their success (or lack thereof). James Dale, senior VP at College Prop Painters for 10 years, breaks it all down for us in this episode of Contractor Evolution, and gets you started on your path to peak performance! 

Check out the full episode to learn the 3 traits you’ll need to stand out from the pack! 

PS – Congratulations again to our friends at BTA on the launch of Contractor Evolution this year. Talk about a MAJOR win!

7 Mistakes Contractors Make With Their Online Advertising

Did you know that home improvement is one of the most competitive industries when it comes to online advertising?
Download this free guide to learn how you can get more leads from the same marketing budget.

From Start-Up to Over 9 Million in 9 Months

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Many business owners were left scrambling to reorganize their company when the pandemic hit to stay afloat, or even worse. Not Dustin Rees. While starting a company in March of 2020 might seem like terrible timing, Dustin was able to scale his roof and restoration business to 9 million by year-end. Now, this is a hero story!

His formula for not only withstanding, but excelling, in the most unpredictable of times? Hiring the right people, standing by your word, and offering top-notch service. We’ll hear Dustin’s take on how he plans to expand Gladiator Roofing & Registration, plus his thoughts on the direction of the contracting industry.

If you’re on the hunt for proven methods and strategies to scale your home remodeling business, to the tune of 1 million per month, take a listen to the full podcast!

How to Build Your Dream Sales Team


Finally, the DIY contractors and home remodelers have been waiting for!

If you want your business to succeed in the long run, you need an unstoppable and resourceful sales team to help scale by getting your product or service in the hands of homeowners.

In this episode of the Roofer Show (a podcast staple at Webrunner), sales expert Adam Bensman is breaking down everything you need to know about leading your sales team and contractor business to victory.

We’re talking about attracting the right people, where to find them, and what it takes to build and outfit an all-star sales team. Sales is a lot more than smoke and mirrors, that’s for sure.

Ready to transform your sales team and scale your business like the pros?

How to Be Radically Intentional


As business owners, you think about your customers. But when was the last time you really thought about them – and the impact they have on your company’s ethos, hiring, or even culture? It can have major implications, both internally and externally, for your contracting company.

This is where Sherri Miles Foley, from Miles Roofing, brings her expertise and insight as a 4th generation contractor.

Here are just a few of the key takeaways you can apply to your own business;

  • How to develop your mission, vision, and values
  • Why you need to empower your employees to see their worth
  • The difference between working ON your business rather than IN it

If you’re ready to shift your mindset to grow your business on a global scale, watch the full interview hosted by The Wealthy Contractor.

5 Ways to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Turnover


Hiring and training employees can sometimes feel like playing the lottery. Will they soak up everything like a sponge and help your company grow, or might they cost more money in time and resources than planned?

Time and time again, we hear firsthand how tricky it can be for contractors to find, attract, train, and keep great talent.

Thankfully, CompanyCam teamed up with the folks from BTA to offer home remodelers the ultimate 5-step approach to keep turnover low and efficiency high. Plus, you’ll walk away with a proven system to build training programs for every team member.

If you’re in the market for serious growth, you’ll want to keep this checklist from CompanyCam handy.

500K Remodeler vs. 5 Million Dollar Remodeler


If you want to make real changes that will have a lasting impact on your contracting business, look no further than the Contractor Growth Network. They’re sitting down with the most successful industry players to get their secret on how to go all the way.

This time around, they invited Tim Faller from Remodelers Advantage to hear his thoughts on what makes a profitable contractor. Because 6-figures is great, but let’s be real, 7-figures is even better.

They cover everything from mindset and attitude, to embracing accountability and culture. You might just recognize some of these hard-hitter traits in yourself. Don’t be fooled by this bite-size episode, it’s jam-packed with expert insights you won’t find anywhere else.

How to Sell Like a $100 Million + Home Remodeler

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Who says the expert growth strategies are limited to the headline industry players? After all, even the top market leaders were neighbourhood contractors at the beginning.

In this episode of BuiltBy, CCO of Alair Homes, Adam McCaa, is sharing exactly how small businesses owners can adapt multi-million dollar selling techniques to achieve their own unique goals.

Adam has helped Alair Homes grow more than 20x since joining the company, and will be sharing those exact same strategies he used to help contractors of all sizes scale. Plus, we’ll discover how his time spent with Tony Robinson shaped his philosophy when it comes to selling and marketing in the home remodeling space.

Ready to become part of the 7-figures club? Listen to the full BuiltBy podcast!

Kickin’ Asphalt

Mini Series

This last year, business owners have felt the crunch to go more digital and mobile than ever before. So when the folks at JobNimbus were brainstorming how they could still help contractors level up their business, they literally went mobile.

In a custom, JobNimbus wrapped truck, no less.

Chief Growth Coach, Ronnie Smith, along with his wife and dog, traveled across the country to help contractors in 19 different states optimize their business and reach their entrepreneurial goals. From material ordering to sales processes, nothing is off-limits.

Join Ronnie on his journey to help contractors become heroes!

6 Sales Efficiency Tricks That Could Save You 50k/Month


Between hiring, onboarding, and training, it’s more important than ever before to make efficiency a top priority. Especially if you’re interested in growing beyond 7-figures and maintaining control of your business in the hectic season.

Minds from some of the most innovative industry tools – Ingage, Hatch, and One Click Contractor – have teamed up to share their insider tricks that could save you thousands of dollars every month. Increase productivity and save money – yes, we’re serious.

Here are just a few golden nuggets you’ll take away from this webinar;

  • How to identify buyer personas and minimize appointment cancellations
  • The key to increasing salespeople effectiveness by 20%
  • Which tools and tech you’ll need to optimize your sales process

Watch the full webinar for the 6 efficiency tricks to increase profits and closing rates.

Seven Habits of a Great Leader


Looking to take your leadership up a notch and grow your contracting business at the same time? Then you won’t want to miss this episode of The NiceJob Podcast, featuring Jim Johnson from Contractor Coach Pro. 

Hosted by the reputation marketing expert, Shawn Hill, they’ll be discussing exactly what it takes to be a leader that any team can get behind. Plus, the coaching mindset that separates the good contractors from the great. Nothing is off the table – everything from culture and finance to training and onboarding. 

Leadership plays an integral role in the success of your contracting business, and with this podcast in hand, you’ll be well on your way to steering your team in the right direction. 

Do you see any of these 7 traits in yourself? Listen to the full podcast to learn more!

Pricing for Profit


Just when we thought Hearth couldn’t ‘up’ their contractor finance game… they pull out all the stops with their webinar, Pricing for Profits. Featuring well-known business consultant and pricing aficionado, Ruth King. Talk about a dynamic duo!

If you have a calculator, you can learn how to price your services to boost growth and profitability. Yes, after this webinar, pricing will be that crystal clear.

Ruth is sharing the one proven price formula you’ll need to skyrocket sales, the tech to help you get there, and why profit margins actually don’t matter (Yes, she’s serious.)

Check out Hearth’s webinar and get your hands on Ruths’ industry-proven pricing formula!

5 Elements of a Killer Sales Proposal

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Looking for the answer to higher profits, increased closing rates, and steady growth? It all boils down to your sales proposal and ability to wow homeowners. It isn’t rocket science, but it can take time to perfect the workflow that works best for your business.

The customer communication experts at Signpost sat down with Ryan Shantz from SumoQuote to uncover the 5 elements you’re sales proposal can’t be without.

Here are just some of his expert how-to’s;

  • Remove the risk to get customers over the decision-making line
  • Create proof that you will deliver what’s promised
  • Leverage the power the customer education

Ready to create a killer sales proposal? Watch the full episode of Contractor’s Corner!

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